1. frame, framing, framework, trestle, arbot, scaffolding, structure; stretcher, form, Both Textiles. drawing frame, perch; hanger, clothes or hat tree or rack, bar, pole, dowel; stand, trivet, grate, grating, holder; crib, cradle, bed, Naut. chock; shelf, ledge, counter, row.
2. torture, infliction, pain, hurt, wound, sting, pang; torment, persecution, crucifixion, harassment; affliction, plague, adversity, scourge, curse, visitation, thorn in one's side or flesh; agony, misery, suffering, wretchedness, martyrdom; anguish, distress, woe, har-rowment, tribulation, trouble, hell.
3. torture, agonize, excruciate, martyr, put [s.o.] on the rack; pain, hurt, scathe, abuse, maltreat, beat, Sl. work [s.o.] over, Sl. give [s.o.] the works, Archaic. belabor; torment, persecute, crucify, afflict, plague, beleaguer, harass; anguish, distress, grieve, sorrow, rend, tear [s.o.j up, lacerate, put [s.o.] through the wringer; harrow, upset, disturb, toss, agitate, derange, convulse, shake up, rattle, disquiet, discomfit; worry, trouble, Scot. fash.
4. wring, wrest, extort, exact; pressure, press, push, exert, work; (all of one's brains) search or sort through, ransack, beat or cudge; think hard, exhaust.
5. strain, stretch, draw, Archaic. extenuate; wrench, pull, tear, lacerate, disjoint, throw out; sprain, twist, turn.

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